District VI Individual Wrestling Tournament

                                                                                                   Seeding Criteria 

Criteria 1: Record – Winning percentage of this season’s varsity dual meet bouts and tournaments.  Based on total won-loss record.  Note must have 10 bouts minimum to score total amount.  If not, subtract 8 points for each bout under 10.  Divide wins by total matches to get winning percentage.

Example 1:          Record 16-5        16+5=21 total matches                   Winning %   16/21 = .7619 * 100 = 76.19 Points  

Example 2:          Record 4-2           4+2=6 total matches                       Winning %   4/6 = .6667 * 100 = 66.67 Points

                subtract 32 points for being under 10 bout minimum {(10-6)*8 points} for a total of 66.67-32 = 34.67 Points

Record                       Wins__________   Losses__________            Criteria #1 Points__________

Criteria 2: Prestige Points – The highest place finish from last year’s PIAA tournament.  Note that wrestlers who placed in another state will count only half of earned prestige points.

State 1st 100   Regional   60     District 1st   30
State 2nd 95   Regional   55     District 2nd   25
State 3rd 90   Regional   50     District 3rd   20
State 4th 85   Regional   45     District 4th   15
State 5th 80   Regional   40     District 5th   10
State 6th 75   Regional   35     District 6th   5
State 7th 70   Regional              
State 8th 65   Regional              

Highest Place__________ Points__________ X 2 = Criteria #2 Points__________

Criteria 3: Competition Points – Measure of caliber of competition.  Bonus points are awarded for competing against last year’s place winners during this year’s dual meets and tournament bouts.  NOTE: Victories over wrestlers from other states and prep place winners will count only half.  Sectional place winners in District 1-AAA, 3-AAA, and 7-AAA are to be considered district places.  District place winners in 1-AAA, 3-AAA, and 7-AAA are to be considered regional places.


  Won Lost     Won Lost     Won Lost
State 1st 50 10   Regional 1st 30 7   District 1st 15 4
State 2nd 48 10   Regional 2nd 28 5   District 2nd 13 4
State 3rd 45 8   Regional 3rd 25 5   District 3rd 10 3
State 4th 42 8   Regional 4th 22 5   District 4th 7 3
State 5th 40 7   Regional 5th 20 4   District 5th 5 1
State 6th 37 7   Regional 6th 17 4   District 6th 2 1
State 7th 35 7                
State 8th 32 7                

 Criteria #3 Points (max 200)__________                                   Total Points (Criteria 1+2+3)__________


Criteria 4: Unforeseen Circumstances - If a coach has a case for his wrestler because of an injury or any other unforeseen circumstance, the wrestler's coach may make a case for the wrestler and why he deserves special treatment.  After the case is presented, head coaches will vote on whether to give said wrestler special treatment.  As part of the coach’s case for special consideration, he must state the specific reason (illness, injury, etc.) for consideration.

Seeding Notes:

·         A coach MUST challenge another wrestler with higher seed points if the wrestler below has beaten the wrestler above him head-to-head the majority of the times they've wrestled during that given season.  Regardless of points, the wrestler who won the majority of the head-to-head matches will jump above the other wrestler in seeding.  If the wrestlers split matches, then the seeding reverts back to points.  Challenges occur bottom to top.


·         There will be NO changes of wrestlers weight classes after line ups have been submitted!